Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Why It Is Important To Have Air Conditioning Servicing

The most important thing for your AC is the Air Conditioning Servicing, and in this article, we shall explain why. First of all, you need to understand on how the AC works, and that is not very hard to grasp indeed. First, the external fan in sucking the hot or warm air to the machine, where the machne will mix the air with the CHF to lower the temperature. Once the temperature is already low enough, then the machine will blow the air inside, thus delivering you with the cold wind we all love.

But there is a problem, and that is the outside air are filled with filth and also dust and dirt. Those things can clog the filter and rendering the machine incapable on delivering the cold wind as effective  as it is used to be. And that it where things go messy, since the AC fails to meet the desired temperature, then it is working twice as hard just to accomplish that. If this happen, the energy consumption will rise, and the coil will overheat. The AC wil have it lifespan reduced and more prone to the Aircon Servicing in